Fantastic seminar. The speakers were knowledgeable and engaging. Great speakers, learned a lot that will use on Monday morning. It was a very nice gesture to provide lunch, that was greatly appreciated. Eliminated the need to make a mad dash to get lunch every day. I will be sure to spread the word about the seminar and help where ever I can to get all 40 hours available on line. Thank you so much for all you have done to advance our profession.


- Tampa Attendee
I thought the course was excellent. The material was obviously very well researched by the instructor. The material was presented in a very well thought out, clear and organized way.


- Stephen M.
The cost of license renewal is so expensive especially if you have multiple licenses. This is a blessing, thank you so much! All speakers were fantastic! Thank you Dr. Warner so much for a great conference. Thank you Peggy and all your staff! Great job!


- Boca Raton Attendee
A Lot of information!. Like trying to drink from a fire hose! Excellent information!!


- Guy P.
This has been a terrific program! The speakers were interesting, staff friendly and felpful, the hotel was a great location with wonderful lunches and comfortable lecture/meeting room. Dr. Warner and the GoLearnNetwork are extremely generous in providing CEs for free. I would recommend this to everyone.


- Naples Attendee
Great online course.....easy to use with more than ample information


- David S.
Sunday morning I woke up looking forward to coming to the seminar. That’s after doing 10 hours on Saturday. After 28 years of seminars in Florida this is the 1st time I looked forward to day #2. Why? Because for the 1st time I was being treated fairly by the host running the show. For once I wasn’t being taken advantage of. The speakers were solid and information was valuable. I am delighted to have been invited. Thank you!


- Jacksonville Attendee
Very informative. Some things I was aware of but alot I was not.


- Tashia R.
Every time I got to continuing ed seminars, my cost is $1000 to $2500. Besides saving money, the material presented was well prepared and well presented. The passion of the instructors was obvious. Thank you very much for a great seminar.


- Tampa Attendee
Dr.Todd really lays it all out for you. Clear, concise. Pleasure to take this course at home with no distractions.


- Paul R.
It is always great to save money. The information and topics and delivery of the material was much better than the seminar I was at previously with another organization. Thank you.


- Fort Lauderdale Attendee
This was such a good CE course! I would take this course even if I did not receive credit. I like how objective Dr. Cielo is regarding patient care. The patient cases at the end really drove home what we are doing wrong in chiropractic. Furthermore, simply changing our SOAP note habits can save us precious time, money and our reputation. Keep up the great work Dr. Cielo.


- Dr. J
After 30 years of CE classes, I brought a book to to read and sit in the back of the room ready to be bored out of my mind sitting in one classroom for 10 hours. Then, DR. Todd Cielo began to speak and pow! What a dynamic speaker! I closed my book and moved to the front of the room. What a great, knowledgeable, tell-it-like-it-is speaker. Thanks Dr. Warner and Dr. Cielo for a great seminar.


- Tampa Attendee
Much easier to learn this at your own pace.


- Ronald F.
I’ll admit I was apprehensive about attending this seminar, it’s a new group. Were they going to deliver what was promised? What was the quality of the seminar going to be? How would the speakers be? I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of professionalism of the organization and staff as well as the quality of speakers. I would highly recommend attending a GoLearnNetwork seminar.


- Boca Raton Attendee
The content was outstanding. I am looking forward to attending one of your courses during the year.


- Eric L.
This is the first time in 21 years of practice that I learned something, paid attention to every word all day long and didn’t feel as if I spent all day listening to doom and gloom! I strongly recommend the GoLearnNetwork CE and Seminar events.


- Fort Lauderdale Attendee
Great Course! Lots of great reminders. I did learn some new information that I will be able to implement in practice. Thank you!


- Carie C.
Better than advertised


- Tampa Attendee
Loved it, especially the passion you bring. I never felt like I was going to jail or needed to overhaul my practice Monday morning. But I came away with some great nuggets that will be utilized and implemented as a direct result of taking this online course.


- Mitch S.